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Smart Solar Skid

Revolutionizing Remote Pipe and Tank Monitoring

The Smart Solar Skid: Optimizing Productivity, Reducing Downtime and Helping Avoid Costly Infrastructure


The Smart Solar Skid

In today’s ever-evolving world, industries such as oil and gas exploration and water management often encounter significant challenges when it comes to monitoring and managing critical infrastructure in remote locations. The Smart Solar Skid, a ground-breaking innovation, addresses these challenges head-on, offering a transformative solution for remote pipe and tank monitoring. The Smart Solar Skid provides a comprehensive, efficient, and proactive approach to that ensures reduced risks and maximized productivity.

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The Challenges

What's the Problem
with Traditional Pipeline Management Methods?


Remote Locations

Remote locations are often characterized by their isolation and lack of power. These factors present immense obstacles for monitoring and maintaining pipelines and infrastructure buried thousands of feet beneath the surface.

Costly Tradional

Traditional methods of pipe monitoring, which involve manual checks by on-site personnel, are not only time consuming and costly but also prone to human errors.

Environmental Concerns & Lack of Safeguards

Potential leaks or mishaps can result in substantial financial losses or environmental problems making it imperative for businesses to adopt proactive measures to safeguard their assets and prevent costly damages.

Solution: The Smart Solar Skid

Enter the game-changing innovation:
the Smart Solar Skid

Developed by experts in the field, the Smart Solar Skid is a state-of-the-art solution designed to revolutionize pipe monitoring in remote and challenging environments. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, it offers a seamless and efficient system for tracking various gauges from the convenience of a mobile phone. Operators can remotely access real-time data and crucial insights on flow rates, pressure levels, and other critical parameters, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions without the need for physically visiting location.

The Smart Solar Skid’s versatility sets it apart as a comprehensive monitoring solution. It is equipped to measure flows, upstream and downstream pressures, and monitor water levels in frack pools, among others. To ensure seamless connectivity in remote areas, the Skid acts as its own mobile hotspot, utilizing the nearest cell tower for continuous data transmission. This eliminates the dependency on outdated monitoring practices, streamlines operations and optimizes efficiency.


New Standards That deliver

Thunderhorse Automation is setting new standards in the realm of remote pipe and tank monitoring. The most significant differentiator is the savings your bottom line will have. The cost of electrical infrastructure is not pocket change. The other significant difference is the speed and convenience it offers. Traditional manual gauge checks, which often require a person to drive around to extremely remote locations and check gauge readings, can consume valuable time, leading to delayed responses and potential risks.

In contrast, with the Smart Solar Skid, the data is instantly available on the user’s cell phone. This immediate access enables users to

  • Know what’s happening at all times
  • Empowers decision-makers to take timely actions
  • Prevents potential issues
  • Mitigates risks efficiently

The Smart Solar Skid optimizes productivity, reduces downtime, helps avoid costly breakdowns or leaks and can be delivered within 48 hours! 

Modern & innovative Solutions

Embrace the Change

Utilizing the Smart Solar Skid modernizes remote locations through its connectivity, size and array of custom capabilities.   

Proactive Monitoring

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Proactive Monitoring

The Skid acts as a vigilant set of eyes beneath the surface, continuously monitoring gauge readings in real-time. This proactive approach enables operators to detect any changes promptly, facilitating preventive actions to avert potential leaks, ruptures, or equipment failures.

Real - Time Insights

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Data in real time

Want to know what's going on 10k feet below the surface in real time? The Skid continuously monitors gauge readings, reporting back to the palm of your hand.

Rapid Deployment

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Quick Turnaround Time

Each Skid is custom built for your exact needs. Our skilled team will build and deliver your Skid to location within 48 hours. There's no time to waste!

Flexibility & Mobility

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Flexible & Mobile

Plans Change. Be ready with the Smart Solar Skid. Being able to move the Skid around to various parts of the job site is a great feature since plans are always changing.


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Forget the towering power lines and the hefty bill that comes with them. Utilizing the Smart Solar Skid reduces the cost by thousands along with offering a smaller, mobile solution to remote locations.


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Transforming Operations

The Smart Solar Skid is a
transformative force in the world of Pipeline System Management

The Smart Solar Skid is transforming the way things are done.  Gone are the days of manual readings and driving long hours to remote locations. 


Location, Location, Location

By harnessing advanced technology and embracing a proactive approach, businesses operating in remote locations can now experience enhanced operational efficiency, minimized risks, and a new level of confidence.

Thriving under pressure, no matter what

The Smart Solar Skid has set new benchmarks, demonstrating that with the right tools, businesses can thrive even in the most challenging and isolated environments.

Safeguarding and protecting your future

As industries continue to evolve, The Smart Solar Skid remains at the forefront, redefining the way we monitor, manage, and protect critical assets and the environment.

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Save Time &
Your Bottom Line

With Thunderhorse Automation’s Smart Solar Skid, you’ll be get more.

Better connectivity, more confident decision-making, and more time for the important things.