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Challenging Power Infrastructure

Thunderhorse Automation: Always up for a challenge

Ensuring your facility has power,
wherever you are,
is vital for day-to-day operations.

Can you imagine a scenario where every aspect of your remote facility operates synergistically?
Sensors monitoring, machinery functioning at peak efficiency, and data flowing seamlessly in real-time.
This is the reality we create through our integrated automation solutions.
Our systems not only enhance efficiency but also augment safety protocols and facilitate proactive maintenance, mitigating risks and minimizing downtime.
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Power Infrastructure

Powering up facilities in the most remote locations is what keeps our gears turning. 

Stay connected

Staying connected, no matter how remote you are located, is no longer a luxury;
it's a necessity.

Save Money

Infrastructure that needs to be put in for a temporary time is costly and impractical. Cut your costs down significantly while still improving your connectivity.

Save Time

Hard-wiring in power infrastructure is time consuming. Thunderhorse Automation's custom and innovative solutions replaces that at a fraction of the cost while increasing your productivity.

Customer Service

Working along side you to determine what your facility will need; from brainstorming the best way for you, to delivery and implementing it, Thunderhorse will be there for any questions you have.

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