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Leading the way in Automation

From automation to state-of-the-art instrumentation, Thunderhorse Automation will increase productivity while ensuring your assets are protected. 

Electrical Service & Installation

Thunderhorse’s experienced electricians install, extend, and troubleshoot electrical services, branch circuits and feeders as well as design, install, and troubleshoot UPS and battery backup systems.

Instrumentation & Automation

Innovative instrumental solutions means we offer a wide range of wired and wireless solutions; all tailored to meet your needs. From advanced metering equipment to smart transmitters, our experienced technicians can install, calibrate, and troubleshoot various types of end-devices.


Need a way to communicate in your remote location? We specialize in crafting long- range Wi-Fi networks, tailored to the unique demands of remote locations; enabling high-performance communication systems to have maximum coverage and connectivity even in the most remote areas, keeping your location running efficiently and effectively. 

Custom Solutions

Thunderhorse offers a range of solutions to keep operations running smooth.  Find out more ways how by partnering with Thunderhorse Automation is a no-brainer. 

Why Choose Thunderhorse's Smart Solar Skid?

The Smart Solar Skid is a proactive approach that solves many problems for remote locations. 


Saves on Costly Infrastructure

Infrastructure that needs to be "hard-wired" and dug hundreds of feet below is not practical nor cheap! The Smart Solar Skid replaces the hard-wired power source with a mobile solution that cuts costs and increases productivity.


Can you hear me now?
The field experts at Thunderhorse know how difficult it is to work without having cell service. We've created a solution that keeps everyone connected without breaking the bank.

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The Thunderhorse way

Between our amazing work ethic, striving to be leaders in remote automations and solving industry-related problems; these are just a few reasons to partner with Thunderhorse Automation.



Thunderhorse takes pride in delivering custom, high-quality Smart Solar Skids within 48 hours to your location. 


Clients Satisfied


See for yourself why our clients are happy. Check out what they have to say! 


Projects Done


Thunderhorse boasts a record of accomplishments, having successfully completed more than 500 projects spanning from Texas to Pennsylvania.

What'd they Say?

Take a peek at what our past clients had to say about working with Thunderhorse Automation.

Modern Wire Banding Machine Automation

Smart Solar Skid

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Electric power line in extremely high rocky mountains

Thunderhorse Capabilities

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If you’re looking to proactively streamline operations through automation and connectivity, all while saving money, Thunderhorse Automation is the partner you’ve been looking for.


Financial Savings

Proactive Approach


What Our Clients Say About Thunderhorse

We saved $70,000 by implementing the Smart Solar Skid across our field instead of building out a permanent utility infrastructure. Plus, we now have a mobile system that puts power & real time communications exactly where we need it!
Pilot Water Solutions

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